About me

Hello, my name is Gyuner Zeki and I am 26.
I’m fresh graduated student from Plovdiv university “Paisii Hilendarski” with Informatics.
I’m have various interest include latest technologies in unix/linux, Agile (Kanban, Scrum) methodology, etc. If you are interested you can check my profile at LinkedIn.

I know main design pattern like Singleton, Memento, Factory and so on. Also I understand and use OOP and MVC principles. I the most of experience that I have are based on PHP, JavaScript and JS superscripts (like TypeScript), SQL databases. In my work I use some PHP frameworks like Kohana, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Laravel, Slim. Also for version control I use Svn, Git, Mercurial, but I prefer Git.

I have been worked with XML, JSON, CSV and other data format. I made lots services mostly for web like RESTFul or custom depends on situation. For better performance I use Memcached and techniques with a lot of AJAX requests.

I will improve my skills on C++, C#, Java in the future. I think I will study also Python and Go.
I wrote some application based on Chrome extensions, Qt Framework and HTML5 Canvas.

I made some experiments with Facebook Graph API, Кinetic Framework, Google App Engine, Twig, TypeScript, WebSocket, Less CSS and etc.

My GitHub account is GyunerZeki
My Twitter account is Gzekiii

If you want to contact with me, you can use contact form link in the main menu.