Function for multiplication without using operators for multiplication written in PHP

As mathematic says every operations can be lowered to $x1 + $x2, but I will show multiplication which is really easy to do.
function multiplication($x1, $x2) {
    $sum = 0;
    if ($x2 > 0) {
        for ($i = 0; $i < $x1; $i++) {
            $sum += $x2;
    return $sum;

How to setup and configure web and email server.

If we make everything currently in the end we will have:

Basic configuration for Ubuntu.
Web mail server based on iRedMail:
    - Postfix
    - Dovecot
    - Apache
    - MySQL
    - Amavisd
    - Fail2ban
    - Roundcube

For Apache, we will use port 44380 because we will have Nginx on port 80.
Web server based on Nginx,
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This is the first post in my blog expect "Hello world" which I will not show code.

Until July I am working at and I would like to share my experience as ordinary user. In fact give a lot of tools like sending bulk e-mails, tracking e-mails and organizing them in to campaigns. There are also statistical reports for each send e-mail.

In my opinion this is a one great service which can be used like ordinary STMP server or it can be access via RESTful API.
For more information you can visit official web at: for seamless integration with your product/service you can check mailjet's github account - or check developer documentation at:

Sokoban Solver written in Java

This was my first attempt to write in Java. My task was to write a Sokoban game solver. Main goal of program was to use brute-force method for finding all possible solutions. This solution is CLI based program which can be used with input files.

This solution is hosted on Bitbucket and can be viewed/downloaded from
or you can download jar file at
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Recursive copy files from one directory to another in C++ (Qt 5)

With this function we can copy files from one directory to another and if conflict occur we can skip or replace them.
Basicly it was written and tested at C++ Qt 5 but I think it should work with all newer C++ Qt version.
#include "QString"
#include "QFile"
#include "QDir"

bool copy_dir_recursive(QString from_dir, QString to_dir, bool replace_on_conflit)
    QDir dir;

    from_dir += QDir::separator();
    to_dir += QDir::separator();

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