JavaScript function for getting unix timestamp

I don’t know why in JavaScript doesn’t have built-in function which give unix timestamp, but I have small solution.
	function get_unix_timestamp() { 
		return Math.round((new Date()).getTime() / 1000); 

Превод на Plupload v1.5.7 (BG)

Потърсих превод на Plupload v1.5.7 на български, но не намерих. Ето, че вече има :)
// Bulgarian
    'Select files' : 'Изберете файлове',
    'Add files to the upload queue and click the start button.' : 'Добави файлове за качване в опашката и натисни бутона старт.',
    'Filename' : 'Име на файла',
    'Status' : 'Статус',
    'Size' : 'Размер',
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Всички населени места в България с пощенски кодове.

Населени места в България с техните пощенски кодове в JSON.

Всички населени места в България могат да бъдат свалени от
Само обласните градове в България могат да бъдат свалени от

Swapping integer values

This post will be really small, I would like to show how to swap two integer values without using additional variable. The example had been written on C++, but it can be implemented on almost all programming languages.
int a = 1;
int b = 3;

a = a + b;
b = a - b;
a = a - b;

// here "a" has 3 as value and "b" has 1 as value. 

Hello world

Before long time I decide to create my own website which include blog and portfolio. I am not sure is it good idea, well. I will try to share information about me and what’s going on in my life and my professional achievements. Come on be a part from this exciting new thing about me.

My name is Gyuner Zeki I am 20 year old and I was born in Kardjali. Additional information about me can be found at “about me” section.
Wеll as a programmer I want to write this traditional piece of code which is the beginning every attempt to learn new computer language:

print “Hello world!”